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The DOT requires that every person in violation of DOT drug/alcohol regulations must be referred for education or treatment.

Any employee who performs safety sensitive functions mandated by the Department of Transportation is required to comply with the drug and alcohol testing regulations specified in CFR 49 Part 40.When an employee had violated these regulations, the employee must complete the DOT Return-to-Duty process with a Substance Abuse Professional before he or she can again perform any DOT safety-sensitive duties for any employer.

The DOT Return-to-Duty Process (also known as the DOT Substance Abuse process) consists of the Substance Abuse evaluation, referral, and education/treatment.

**The total cost for the DOT Substance Abuse Evaluation is $400 which includes the initial assessment, counseling, follow-up sessions, and Case Management of any interventions assessed that are needed.

This is payable at the first visit, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

***This can be paid by Cash, Money Order, or Credit/Debit Card***

Substance Abuse Process Flowchart
According to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations 49 CFR Part 40, an employee in violation of the DOT regulations for drug or alcohol testing is required to complete the DOT Return To Duty Process with a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).
1. The employee who has violated the DOT regulations for drug or alcohol testing is removed from safety sensitive   duty.

2. The employee is referred to a DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

3. The SAP performs a clinical evaluation on the employee & recommends treatment and/or education.

4. The employee complies with the treatment(s) and/or education recommended by the SAP.

5. The SAP conducts a follow-up evaluation & determines the employee’s eligibility to return to safety sensitive duty.

6. The employee tests negative on a Return to Duty Drug/Alcohol Screening and returns to safety sensitive duty at the employer’s discretion.

7. The employee complies with any aftercare recommended by the SAP and is subject to unannounced follow-up testing for a period of 1 to 5 years as determined by the SAP.