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Hello Ladies!!  How would you like to be able to talk about some of the issues that really irritate you? Come and share with other women who have experienced the same issues.  Learn some new ways to deal with everyday stressors. Below are a list of topics that will be discussed.

If any of the topics listed below are of interest to you, please send us an email via our "Contact Us" page with your information and a list of which topics you would be interested in attending.

The Holiday Hoopla is Over!  What now??  My Goals for this year. 

What’s love got to do with it?  Does love = Happiness?

It comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.  Just like the in-laws!

Worry, stress, anxiety….how does it affect you?

The importance of Strong females in our lives.

Men – How to live with them and not kill them in their sleep!

Is it really that hot or am I having a personal summer?

It’s all about YOU!!  Why?  Because you deserve it! 

KIDS!  Little ones, big ones, and those that should be gone, but aren’t.

Let’s talk about scary stuff….like the new number on my bathroom scale!!

How to be thankful in a seemingly thankless world.

Where do you find Christmas cheer…in a bottle or in your heart?